Let's Talk Bladder Control

Are You up for a challenge?
If you’ve had enough of waking at night needing to go to the toilet, if you’ve got spare clothes stashed in your car, office, handbag, or if you’ve had enough of missing out on your sports life, occasions with friends, long Sunday trips in the car – then come and register for our bladder control challenge!

This course is only available in the Better Menopause Club and it’s free.

You won’t appreciate just how much you’ve lost until you take it back! Honestly, shopping in the supermarket is a breeze now, no more panicking at the checkout as the dear old lady in front decides to count out all her change…”you can never have enough change…” No more doing the jig as you wait in line.
So, why should you listen to me? Well, I suffered urinary incontinence after paralysis following a series of hemiplegic migraines over an 18-month period. Then I spent years researching and learning how to recover my bladder control naturally. Yes, naturally!

I can tell you this, there’s no greater feeling than recovering your full bladder control again.
You know those moments:

  • Trying to get out of the chair or couch without an oops moment
  • No warning or time to get to the toilet
  • Using the toilet frequently to avoid the oops moments which just weakens our bladders
  • Shopping at the supermarket when it’s quiet so you can quickly dash to the mall toilets
  • Gardening = oops!
  • Getting in and out of the car without oops!
  • Laughing, coughing, sneezing lifting = oops!
  • Lack of peace of mind

I learnt that improving your bladder control improves your quality of life. Just imagine being able to play the sports you once did without pads and gadgets. Just imagine being able to walk for miles again! Just imagine being able to attend the whole meeting, movie or event without interruption!

Suffering lack of bladder control can make you feel old and used up. If you feel like that at present and are serious about getting your bladder back under your control, then please join me for the challenge.
I promise you, it will be a hoot. We’re going to have fun and I’m convinced that you will improve your bladder control during the 5 days. In fact, I think you will have an ‘aha’ moment of your own and part of that is getting to know your bladder’s voice, how it is signalling to you and how it functions.
I look forward to you joining me.

Tess Hansel
Bladder Whisperer

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