Creating Good Habits

Creating Good Habits is very satisfying.

When we create a new habit, it takes a little time for our brain to become trained in that habit.

So, the first thing we need to appreciate is that habits are formed over time.

The Change Plan

In this Workshop we are concentrating on three areas of our lives:


The way we perceive ourselves is fundamental in achieving our desired outcome


Hobbies are great. They keep us occupied and busy…but is this a good thing? Can we change?

Phone Use

We love our phones… so important in our daily lives. Maybe that’s where they should stay.


When it comes to creating habits, it is useful to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We also want to look at how we introduce new habits.

We need a reward system to remind ourselves that we have created a new habit and look at the benefits that new habit gives us.

Creating a new habit is a bit like having a baby.

We conceive a new habit and really don’t see any change in ourselves to start with.

As time goes by that new habit begins to be noticeable – the bump.

Then more time goes by and that habit becomes visually real.

Creating a new habit is a lot easier than trying to get rid of an old one.

Something amazing happens when we make the effort to create a new habit, especially one that will help our health.

The old habit, through neglect as we focus on the new habit) just fades away.

When we create a new habit, we are affecting our brain.

The more often you perform an action or behave a certain way, the more you re-train your brain.

It’s all to do with the neuroplasticity in our brains.

The good thing to realise is that your brain (and habits) can be retrained.

Check out the three video trainings in this unit.

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