Dry Swan TV

Yesterday I had a thought…

I know, you’re thinking here she goes again!

Well, let me step back a little in my thinking process. 

You see, I was always known as the gal who said, when someone proposed a grand plan to change the world for the better…”Let’s do it!”

So it’s not surprising that when a family member suggested to me that Dry Swan TV needs a revamp I kinda got all “Wow!” at the prospect of taking my little fledging Youtube TV channel and creating something a lot more fun.

It’s not that the channel is dull (well- it is a bit school ma’am and teachery) it’s more like the channel needs some oomph!

It needs a breath of fresh air and some excitement iced over it.

Let’s bake this Dry Swan TV Cake and liven it up a bit!

When I first heard the secret plans to breathe a little more life and fun into Dry Swan TV, I felt an amazing sense of adventure stirring within me. 

“We could do this…” I said to my production team.

“Or we could do that…”

They sat around and looked at me and looked at each other before giving me that look that says “shoosh” and I sat back in my chair waiting for their suggestions.

My suggestion was to whip out my daughter’s graduation boa (from her modeling classes) and use that as my Dry Swan image!

Why not? Who says that getting older we have to get duller? Mind you that’s the feeling I got when they were talking about my rather basic videos that I’ve made todate.

Hmm…OK, let’s listen then, I thought to myself.

Well! What a wonderful time we had as my marketing consultant and my producer went through their plans for Dry Swan TV.

“But…where am I going to find a co-host?”

“But…what about a set?”


You get the picture.

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