Healthy vs Hot – Online course 5 video modules

We all know what the hot flush/flash is like…

But did you know that those annoying and debilitating hot flushes can be decreased and manageded. Over the the next 5 modules you will learn what it takes to adjust and implement changes in your diet, exercise and lifestyle choices.

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Module 1:

Just like you, I truly wanted to feel well again and in control, especially of my weight. But, honestly, it was a struggle until I finally did some serious research and discovered this one thing. It’s THE most important thing you should consider before you go losing your job and health like I did. 
Make sure you watch my training today, because taking time out for you is the BEST thing you can do to help with menopausal symptoms.

Module 2:

As we move into Day 2 of our challenge, you will grasp how important it is to address today’s topic because It can make or break your menopause journey.

Trouble is, most of us neglect this area of our lives – to our detriment, especially when it comes to naturally achieving and maintaining healthy weight during menopause.

So with your allocated time for this challenge today, take a look at how well you are hydrating and, in today’s exercise, make an effort to improve your water management. This really is a key area to reduce those intense flushes/flashes.

HINT: We all need a certain amount of salt in our diet.

I remember increasing my water intake as I was entering early menopause, only to be dashing to the toilet every half hour. I had stopped eating salt years ago, believing the hype that it was bad for me. You don’t need a lot of salt but you do need some as every hot flush/flash depletes your sodium.

Module 3:

When I experienced my now famous ‘spectacular menopause crash’ and finally retired early due to ill health, I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing online, in groups, forums and from personal friends – that there was nowhere to go to learn how to manage menopause. This was five years ago and I was absolutely shocked that us women were just left out in the cold. it was either medical intervention or everyone thinking we were going slightly crazy!

I could find no-one to help, all that was on offer was surgery (I was experiencing urinary incontinence as a result of paralysis from hemiplegic migraines) and more prescription medications.

I, and a lot of other women, were completely stuck!

So…I got stuck into the word of God, the King James bible, and spent days, weeks, months, swinging between begging God to help me and shaking my fist at him! 

Then one awesome day, after sitting in a pile of sand (I had started digging out weeds for exercise), I heard the words “healthy cells make healthy bodies.”

Being a project person who loves to research, I immediately sat down at my computer and typed in ‘What makes a healthy cell?”

What I discovered fascinated me and, as I sat at my computer, I realised that I held the key to getting myself well and maybe I could help all those women I had met online and personally who were also looking for solutions. 

The next few days grew into weeks of discovery and months then years more of learning, some of which I’m sharing with you in this challenge. 

What really hit home was “We are what we eat” and today and tomorrow we are shining the spotlight on important areas of your diet.

Module 4:

One of the best foods you can have are carrots, especially organic carrots. They are chocka block filled with goodness, including magnesium which can help if you’re experiencing any sleep issues.

Today we take a look at an area of your diet that you can very easily swap-out to achieve a better lifestyle.

So much of what we eat affects our lives, our relationships, our ability to function. It can definitely affect our emotions too and I remember ‘losing it’ in the office on more than one occasion. Looking back now I can see that I was non-existent in my care life.

Module 5:

It takes a strong woman to stop and make some changes and it’s not easy but it is so worth it.

And you’re worth it.

As I mentioned yesterday, diet is just one area of menopause where you can do yourself so much good by putting your needs first.

It’s a great practise ground as once you swap-out some of those depleting foods for nourishing ones (and they taste great too) then you are on your way to greatly improving your menopause experience.

Today is time to look at how you can take the effort and time you have spent on tweaking your diet and expand that energy into the other areas of your life that have also been suffering, as you’ve been battling your way along – areas like career, relationships, faith and commitments to others can make or break your menopause journey. 

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