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How the Humble Chip Can Help Your Bladder

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If you’re feeling guilty about the odd handful of chips – then don’t!!!

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some chips or crisps – plain non-flavoured are best as they are free from all the colourings and added flavourings.

I’m sure you agree that it’s really a nice experience eating crisps too as they are salty and crunchy and you get the satisfaction of enjoying a good chew.

As I’ve said before, everything in moderation.

We’re all getting too precious about our food and diets these days, when all we really need to do is find a happy balance in our diet.

And for me, It’s all about baby steps!

You see, if your body is used to certain foods and then you just stop eating them…well, you could be in for a mutiny! Just imagine your body as a furnace and every few hours you feed your furnace with some fuel. So, someone tells you that the fuel you are using is not right and you decide to switch fuels for something different.

Your furnace is accustomed to a particular fuel and is probably not going to be happy and it’s not going to function as well as it did before. That’s what happens when you decide to go on a special diet. You just turn your body upside down. Your brain is deprived of the regular supply of minerals and your digestive process is disrupted, your cells are trying to grow without sufficient nutrients – especially if you go on a fad diet and eat only one or two types of food.

So, that’s no good for you, your wellbeing or your overall physical health and I’m happy to say that I’ve found a much better way – Baby Steps!

We’ve all heard the phrase and what it means is taking things slowly, a small step at a time – just as we’ve seen a cute little baby toddling along very slowly taking one deliberate step at a time, often holding onto someone or something for support.

So, if you’re fed up with not feeling well and disappointed with maintaining your weight and wellbeing, then try this simple trick.

Next time you do your shop, pick up some salad greens as well as your favourite chips and when it comes time to snacks…you know what to do!

A handful less of the chips and a handful more of the salad greens.

Look, salad greens, without dressing and just in a bowl, can be a bit dull but if you include some raw organic carrot sticks and enjoy the chips and the salad greens together then it’s quite a treat because the salad greens pair well with the chips.

So…baby steps…don’t quit your chips cold turkey, just add some healthy snacks. Eventually, you will find you’ll prefer a larger bowl of salad greens with a smaller bowl of chips.

You see your good health is really achievable and attainable and accessible – I like the able words!

Because you are able! You are able to change your diet, you are able to change your exercise. Sometimes all it takes is just a helping hand – to help you over the wobbly moments – and that’s where I come in.

You see, I’ve done it! I’ve taken my Baby Steps (actually writing these posts is another area of my life where I’m taking baby steps so be gentle with your comments!)

But I have done it – I’ve achieved restoration of my good health and, yes I did go a bit overboard with the health side of things. I also became a bit boring to be around as once I discovered a lot about food and how it fuels our body, and how important it is to have a well-balanced diet for good bladder health, there was no shutting me up!

So, without bombarding you with all my knowledge,  I just thought you might like to share a tip on how I took back my good health – one baby step at a time. Now, I have my carrot sticks (great for magnesium, helps with chocolate cravings) and other veges and a handful of chips – yep, gotta have my chips! It’s a real treat combining the two and instead of having a large helping of chips, all I feel like these days is a small handful to enjoy alongside the vege sticks and salad greens.

Best of both worlds! ?

Hope this has helped you in some small way and perhaps got you thinking how you can take your own baby steps.

If you find yourself running to the toilet all day then a bag of chips has got your name on it (obviously if you’re under medical restrictions with salt, then research this for yourself and check with your individual medical professional). But, if you’re not under restrictions and find yourself constantly having to visit the toilet, then try having a handful of chips or at least salting your food, because even though our bodies hydrate through water we also need salt to help retain those fluids.

One of the best things about achieving better bladder control is learning about our diet, because our diets definitely have a very real impact on our bladder and our overall general health.

The type of food you’re consuming will have a direct result on your bladder – ask me how I know…?!

Remember…baby steps. Making one small change can achieve big results.

Speaking of little steps…I invite you to get your free Trainer app Dry Swan Bladder Trainer to help with retraining your bladder naturally.

If you have any questions or if I can help at all –

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