Tess Hansel

Menopause Guidance Coach

Founder of Dry Swan Bladder Control

Contact: tess.dryswan@aapt.net.au

“I help women improve their menopause journey, with a focus on bladder control through sharing my Dry Swan exercise and my insights into what it takes to achieve better bladder control and a better quality of life.”

Tess Hansel is a bladder whisperer and wants to teach other women how to become their own bladder whisperers too!

After experiencing severe ill health during menopause, resulting in incontinence, Tess (a project manager and researcher) decided to begin treating her incontinence as a project, investigating all aspects of what was causing urinary incontinence and bladder control issues. After falling seriously ill in 2012 , Tess struggled on working for another 18 months before leaving her job to concentrate on her health.

While journeying through menopause Tess discovered that our health is multi-faceted and she arrived at a place of not only achieving her own good health, and being free of bladder control issues, but also helping friends on their journey of taking back their bladder control too. 

This kindled a deep desire to help other women achieve the same and Tess’ books were born.

Tess is a keen gardener/weeder, loves to write Christian music and is quite a good cook!

As a child Tess spent many happy hours playing on a reel to reel radiogram writing and recording her own radio shows with her brother Tom, much to the amusement of her family and neighbours – who would gather around and listen to Tess’ latest radio episode of Walter Collinson (the name of her piano).

Tess loves to help and loves to share what she has learnt. Her TV production background, including presenting a shopping show, makes Tess comfortable in interview surroundings and aware of what’s required to produce a professional program.

Tess’ professional background is project research/management (diploma of project management) and senior admin roles, so she has quite a heart for all those business and professional women struggling through menopause and managing bladder control issues as well.