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Laugh And The Whole World Laughs With You.

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Laughter is the best medicine

Remember what it was like to laugh until your belly ached and you never had have to worry about one single ‘oops’ moment?

I used to daydream about how that would feel, when I was in the thick of urinary incontinence.

Now, I’m just SO glad that I refused to accept the ‘for the rest of your days’ tag and thumb my nose at the well-intentioned nurse who told me I would be stuck with the condition forever.


It’s such a joy to just ‘be’ again and live my life the way I want to. It’s true, when you regain your health, the whole world looks wonderful again. And it’s not just laughing – I can sneeze and cough to my heart’s content. Not to mention lifting again without the feeling that any strenuous action would cause an embarrassing moment.

Dry Swan exercise can give you back control of your bladder too. There! I’ve said it! No more pussy-footing around. It has worked for me and other women too. In fact, there’s not one woman it hasn’t worked for, although I’m not making any promises. I’m not you, so I don’t know what level of incontinence you’re suffering, but what I do know is that taking control of your health is vital to ensuring you live your life to the fullest.

The fact is that sometimes it’s just easier to let others tell us what we need to do.

Sometimes it’s just easier to think that we can do nothing about a certain physical condition.

Well, from my own experience of procrastinating, I believe that’s a bit of a cop-out!

And why would I say that…

Because there’s only one person responsible for your health…

and that’s YOU!

You are steering your ship – your body. And, WOW, there are so many benefits in regaining your bladder control:

  • Shopping is a breeze and enjoyable again as you can go for hours before a bathroom break
  • Driving to the shops is a breeze too, without the fear of being cut short and experiencing leakage
  • Lifting up your groceries is a breeze as well because your bladder is under your control
  • Laughter is enjoyable again, and this is so good for our bodies, releasing tension and relieving stress
  • Your patience returns and we all know how awful we feel when snapping at family, friends and workmates

Woohoo! You’re back in control!

Let me say this – if you’ve been listening to the well-intentioned people in your life, then take what they’re saying with grace and at the same time listen to your heart and realise that you are in control of your health.

And that’s an important reality – you are in control of your own health.

The trouble is we’ve been raised to believe that we’re dependent on the medical industry to cure all our ailments.

The truth is when you investigate it for yourself (my favourite motto ‘Stop trusting and start Testing’) you’ll discover a variety of natural remedies for all sorts of ailments.

That doesn’t mean you stop taking prescribed medication. This is a serious decision to take, especially if you’re on a variety of medications, so what I suggest you do is this.

Get my book and start to investigate your condition. Go through the chapters (it’s easy and quick to read) and use the Dry Swan exercise as well.

Once your bladder control is improving, then consult with your medical professional to investigate commencing a withdrawal protocol.

*** Let me repeat – never, ever stop taking your medication overnight as drugs require a withdrawal protocol and it can be dangerous to just stop taking them, without weaning off the dosage.

Here’s the thing…as you practise the Dry Swan exercise, you will break the habit of naughty bladders that have us dashing off to the bathroom when they’re not full.

This is a habit that can be broken and your bladder can be retrained to help you achieve better bladder control.

So, with better bladder control, you can laugh to your heart’s content!

And the benefits of laughter are huge, including:

  • Laughter is relaxing
  • Reduces Stress hormones
  • Increases our immunity
  • Triggers the release of endorphins

Laughter is a mighty powerful medicine!  🙂  

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