Managing Menopause

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Learning how to manage menopause is life-changing...

“The best part about managing your menopause is the confidence that comes from better health.

Today is about you.

I wrote this book for you.

Because menopause is all about You.”

About The eBook

In menopause, doing too much for too many for too long can be a typical way of life for a lot of women. This lifestyle can cause serious health issues and threaten relationships. Learning how you can manage your menopause through adjusting your priorities can be a life-changing decision. Creating good habits like hydrating well and opting out of processed food for a more natural diet, can bring the joy back into your life.

In Managing Menopause you learn to identify foods, drinks and other lifestyle choices you are making, that may be causing poor health. Then you can fairly quickly and simply swap those foods and drinks for a healthier alternative.

Included in the book are templates for a Hydration Diary as well as handy swap lists where you can list those products you currently use and explore alternatives.

Fruit Veges and Meat

Eating natural fruit and veges makes a big difference to symptoms.

Milk and Dairy

Getting back to basics when it comes to milk and dairy products.

Water, Soda, Soft Drinks...

Sugar laden sodas are a trigger for increasing the frequency of symptoms.

Processed Products

Learn how to avoid synthetic chemicals in processed foods and commercial products.

Cosmetics Bathroom

What you put on your body is as important as to what you put in your body.

Meds & Supplements

Researching ingredients to identify effects on menopausal symptoms.

Exercise Frequency

Contrary to popular belief...not too much! With the strain that menopause can cause on our bodies, we need to take it quietly with exercise.

Time to Take Action

Armed with information from this book you can download the swap templates and identify areas to improve.

About Tess Hansel

Through suffering and recovering from serious physical illness, hemiplegic migraines (affecting bladder control) I learnt that the only person who can help me is me – and I want to enable you to discover just how strong and resilient you are as well.

It’s all about diet, water and removing as many synthetic chemicals out of your system as possible. That’s when my health turned around.

So, I’m on a mission – to help you take back your health and more importantly your health control. To realise that menopause is just another chapter in your life. You will get through it, and by making some dietary changes you can thrive through it. 

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As a special offer you can secure this 65 page eBook with added resource downloads for just $3 AUD . This is only for a limited time so click the Buy Now button and get your copy today. 

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