The Program – Managing Menopause Intensive

A six-week program working one-on-one with Tess Hansel

Menopause Guidance Coach

The Managing Menopause Intensive Program is based on the Managing Menopause online course.

Instead of working through the course independently, you will have access to me on a daily basis to ask questions and receive coaching. You will need to allocate a half hour timeframe daily to work on the program.

In this program we will undertake a one-on-one training, working together daily (Mon-Fri) via message and/or email.

Every weekend over the six-week period there will be an assignment relating to the work done during the week. This helps to solidify information.

As a founding member of Managing Menopause Program, you will receive membership to Better Menopause Club for 12 months.

Outlined below is the course curriculum.

Week 1

Anxiety and Anger

We hear all the time about the negative effect anxiety has on our bodies, but the truth is that anxiety is energy. That energy can either be harnessed into a positive use or continue to have free-rein and be spent in all the wrong places.

Anger is often caused in menopause through lack of time spent doing what you want to do. Resentment builds up easily during menopause, so we need to find the underlying causes.

We will work daily to harness anxiety and find better ways to use that energy, and identify the underlying causes of anger.

Week 2


This is a key area in menopause – get this right and everything else will follow.

In week 2, we focus on your existing diet and then do a swap-out to a more menopause-friendly diet that will ensure good energy and health.

We need a simpler diet that satisfies your nutritional needs. It also has to fit within a realistic budget and weekly shop.

We will check out the ingredients in your current diet and, where necessary, replace those with a friendlier choice.

Changing your diet is a gradual process and the best way I have found is to start adding in the good stuff and gradually wean off the processed foods.

Week 3


As bladder control is often an issue during menopause, we will take a look at improving bladder control naturally. The exercise Dry Swan is especially good for gentle exercise and, while strengthening the pelvic floor, also strengthens upper body.

We will take a look at your regular exercise as well and see what needs to be reviewed.

Often our bodies are under a lot of stress just going through the regular symptoms of menopause, so the main thing to remember here is be gentle on you and not strain your body.

Managing menopause is all about balance – doing the right things at the right time.

Week 4


This is an area that is often overlooked during menopause. We can tend to think that we can keep on going like the Energizer Bunny, but the truth is that our bodies are aging and we need to be kind to ourselves.

We need to make allowances for the chapter of menopause. What we used to be able to do, without thinking about it, changes as our body changes.

So we need to identify where we are spending our time and energy.

We need to identify those people in our lives that drain us and those that fill us up.

Avoid the drainers, find more filler-uppers.

Week 5


Menopause is traditionally a time when relationships either sink or swim.

The reason that happens is a woman goes too far in her giving and selflessness and one day wakes up to take drastic measures.

This program is all about avoiding the knee-jerk reactions to stresses in your life.

So many women throw their relationships away during menopause, when all they need to do is strengthen themselves physically, emotionally and personally.

Identifying the relationships that are toxic and how to change those relationships to health-giving is the key to managing menopause and it all starts with the most important relationship you have – the relationship with you.

Working out what you are prepared to do and what you are not prepared to do going forward.

Because menopause is the time to put yourself first.

This program will show you how.

Week 6


As you move through the program week by week we are going to be standing on scriptures and learning how to handle our menopause journey in the spirit as well as the flesh.

Understanding the power of our words is important so, as we explore faith we look for understanding to manage menopause at every level.

Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1).

We grow our faith through the word of God as we see in the bible:

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17).

We learn that:

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Tim 1:7).

Faith is a habit!

As we work through this week’s training, you will see how awesome it is to grow faith and improve your menopause journey.

Learning we are what we speak, and making sure that we activate what we want in our lives.

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