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Retrain Your Bladder and Lose Weight at the Same Time

I hear what you’re thinking…”Did you just say I can retrain my bladder and lose weight at the same time?”

I did! You see, retraining your bladder will have you looking at dietary changes and, if you’re serious about improving your bladder control naturally, you will gladly make some small changes for a big gain.

If there was ever an added incentive to achieve better bladder control, then consider what happens when you make a few changes to your lifestyle to improve your bladder control, because weight loss can very often be achieved through improving your bladder control.

When you take a little time to check out what’s going on with your bladder, you may well discover that the effect on your bladder is just the tip of the iceberg, and bladder control issues can be an indication that it’s time to look after your total health.

So, what’s going on with your bladder? is it reacting to certain foods and/or drinks?

For example, foods that are too high in acid can have a real impact on your bladder lining and triggering the impulse to empty your bladder, long before you have reached a decent volume.

Switching from commercial sweet drinks, like coke/lemonade and turning to filtered water can really help with bladder control too and will likely see you dropping some unwanted weight due to the drop in processed sugar, corn syrup etc.

Let me ask you a few questions.

How long have you had bladder control issues?

Did they just happen over-night or did they creep up on you?

Did you just one day sneeze, experiencing bladder leakage and that dreaded ‘oops’ moment was upon you?

The answer to those questions will give you a new insight as to maybe a trigger point and why you’re experiencing those ‘oops’ moments.

When you look at the unofficial statistics for bladder control issues, it’s really getting wild out there! I mean, more and more women, at a younger age are experiencing issues with bladder control.

And the causes are multiple, so I’m not going to go into that here. What I am going to go into is how  to turn back the clock, or at least achieve realistic bladder control from today on.

I invite you to join me on my mission.

And that mission is to raise the profile of bladder control issues and, as well as raising the issue, I want to see us take the stigma away from talking about bladder control.

Let’s blow the roof off this stigma!

Because the more something like poor bladder control is hidden, the more it grows power.

The more it keeps you at home, when you would rather be out and about with friends at a new shopping centre, but the fear of not knowing where the bathroom or toilet is situated will have you declining the invitations to new locations – just in case.

The more it affects your relationships, both personally and professionally, the more the hermit syndrome begins to surface.

Bladder Continence Week is coming up in June and it’s a great opportunity to raise the profile, to stop and address this issue, to bring it out from the dark corner it’s hiding in and talk about natural ways to improve bladder control.

Because you can do a lot to improve your bladder control naturally.

The first step is to join my free 5 Day Challenge – 5 Days To Better Bladder Control.

Click the link below and sign up for my free challenge, commencing on 16 April 2018.

In the challenge you will learn all about your diet and what typical foods maybe causing your bladder control issues, or at least contributing to them. 

I look forward to you joining me!

Big hug!

5 Day Challenge – 5 Days To Better Bladder Control now.

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