JYP NewZealand Intensive 1%Propolis Serum Organic Manuka Honey Cream Antiseptic Anti wrinkles Increase skin elasticity Healing


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About JYP——New zealand famous cosmetics

New Zealand is well-known as a country well praised by its natural beauty. A country with many distinctive species, a country of blue sky and blue sea, a country of green farm and beautiful livestocks, a country of birds and fishes, a country of milk and honey. It is a country only had human habitat for the last one thousand years. It is a country lives elves and hobbits and legendary Sir Peter Jackson.

What am I talking about? It is all about ingredients, which are what really matter in making of cosmetics. Best ingredient produced in purest nature, apply with advanced technology and use great formulating experience finalise into perfection.

That comes to famouns JYP cosmetics, a bright brand shines in Auckland, the city of sail. Whatever skins demand, we supply.

Care skin, care life.


JYP Intensive Propolis Serum is a highly concentrated serum for the effective treatment of acne-prone, hyper-seborrheic skin.

The unique ingredient Propolis acts as a purifying antiseptic, and heals and decongests the skin. Imperfections clear up faster due to the active ingredients which emlimate the bacterial flora which gathers on the skin.

An oil-free formula enriched with 1%propolis helps to strengthen the skin’s natural defences against aging and environmental stress. Complemented with natural Manuka honey, JYP Propolis Serum will leave your skin feeling supple and healthy after every use. Features: Superior, omega-rich moisturizer will leave the skin feeling smooth and supple. Naturally rich in vitamins and micronutrients Silky serum, naturally rich in vitamins, key amino acids, minerals Powerfully replenishes the skin’s immune system


Morning and night, place five to ten drops in your palm and apply gently with finger tips onto face and neck in an upward circular motion until absorbed. To reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, generously apply and massage into the skin in a vertical motion to the lines.


1% Propolis, Organic Manuka honey, Organic Bee Venom.

JYP and New Zeal Brands have created more than 20 years, our products making high-quality natural skincare products, and only using the finest ingredients sourced from environment-friendly New Zealand, meantime operated with an established reputation in New Zealand and international.

Our extensive range includes Manuka Honey, Bee Venom, Propolis , Thermal Mud, Rosehip Oil, and Lanolin etc, – all highlights of New Zealand’s natural environment. We are committed to making the best New Zealand cosmetics has to offer and sharing the benefits with the world.


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