New 10L Household Recycle Composter Bucket Compost Barrel for Food Waste Fermentation for Organic Manure Garden Use


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1.Reduce the unpleasant odor generated during waste disposal and inhibit the formation of harmful microorganisms.
2.Reduce the amount and volume of organic waste and extend the life of the landfill.
3.Reduce the BOD and COD content of landfill leachate and reduce the subsequent processing load.
4.Unique bacterial formula + bio-enhancer + micro-nutrient
5.Increase the rate of organic removal in the trash.
6.Reduce the breeding of mosquitoes and flies in garbage dumps.
7.Reduce the use of chemicals and reduce processing costs.

Applicable kitchen waste for composting:
1.Bagasse, tea residue, coffee grounds, Chinese medicine dregs, juice residue, vegetable tea bags, used tea bags.
2.Peanut shell, melon seed shell, pistachio shell, longan, litchi and other shells and cores.
3.The skin of bananas, watermelons, oranges, oranges, grapefruits, etc.
4.Leaves, flowers, branches.
5.Raw vegetable roots, vegetable leaves, fruits that are out of date, etc.
6.Leftovers, expired raw rice, raw noodles, raw flour, canned food.
7.expired milk powder, wheat flour, rice flour, expired tofu, bean curd, dried bean curd.
8.Fish, meat small bones, crab shell, shrimp shell eggshell.

In-applicable kitchen waste for composting:
1.Metallic glass, plastic, rubber, stone shells, etc.
2.Growing plants, seeds that may germinate.
3.Plants and animal carcasses with pest diseases.
4.Waste that contain a large amount of oil that cannot be removed,like milk, butter, fried bread, etc.
5.Large area printed paper.
6.Pickled foods containing a large amount of salt and additives.

Material:PP plastic
Name:kitchen waste fermentation barrel for family

1.Evenly spread a layer of food waste fermentation bacteria at the bottom of the barrel (about 20 g,fermentation not included).
2.Spread the kitchen waste (about 5 to 8 cm thick).Sprinkle a layer of kitchen waste fermenting bacteria(about 20 grams) for each layer of kitchen waste. Let the kitchen waste bacteria and materials be fully mixed and fermented.(100g food waste fermentation bacteria is necessary per barrel.
3.Closed the barrel.
4.Collect liquid fertilizer: 3~7 days after composting, liquid fertilizer will be produced, which can be collected once every 1~2 days. Please dilute the liquid fertilizer 50~100 times before using, or keep it in reserve.
5.Collect organic fertilizer: After 2~3 weeks of composting, the mycelium will recede and can be collected when no liquid fertilizer. The collected organic fertilizer should be buried at the bottom of the plant root.

Package Included:
1 kit of screw
1x faucet
1x shovel


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