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Stop and Smell the Roses.

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Stress reduction Techniques

Eek – stress, stress, stress!!!

It’s all around us – everywhere we look!

Are you asking yourself how on earth you’re going to cope going forward on your journey of menopause?

One way that will help you is to identify just what’s causing the stress.

It can seem like a mountain is looming but it’s not, it’s just a time in your life when you really do need to put you first.

Stress reduction techniques are vital in today’s world and especially if you’re suffering from a weak bladder.

So, what if I was to tell you that your bladder control and your urinary incontinence condition may be greatly helped through stress reduction techniques and practising relaxation?

Am I serious you ask? Yes!

You need to ‘practise’ relaxation and It’s a great habit to develop.

Why does relaxation appear to help an overactive or irritable bladder or in fact any condition that is affecting your bladder?

Because it distracts your focus from the stresses in your life.

You see, I believe that you’ve arrived at a place of bladder control problems because your life is out of kilter and, aside from diet and exercise issues, you’ve forgotten how to relax, how to have fun.

And, let’s face it, this world is full of stress – if it’s not work, or our family requirements, it’s how to pay the bills and sometimes just keep our heads above water.

I’m very familiar with the water treading as there have been many times in my menopause journey when the stress of just living has been too much to handle.

So, here’s what I want you to do – right now – stop for a few minutes and just ‘be.’

Stop, rest for a moment and just gaze at this beautiful picture of roses.

You may be thinking whats the point of stopping for a few minutes because I just have to face everything again afterwards?

Glad you asked…and here’s why – relaxation doesn’t need hours or days to be effective.

That’s the point!

I call them mini-holidays. You may be starting to think to yourself what is my relaxation level? When do I truly relax? Do I work every minute of my day most days and then look forward to the weekend? (Oh wait – I think I’m working!)

An interesting question – what is your relaxation level?

Can you perhaps answer that yourself? You are your own best friend, you know yourself better than anyone else. You know when you’re pushing your boundaries to a dangerous place and you know how to step back from that cliff edge.

And here’s the thing – that cliff edge often has a crumbling area where it looks quite sturdy from looking down, but we can’t always see the erosion lying underneath that cliff edge and I believe with all my heart that menopause is a time in our lives when we need to step back from the cliff edge.

So, my dear friend, will you do something for me today? Will you take some time out for you – just for you?

It’s really important as taking some time for you is critical during menopause, it will make or break you.

Does it really matter if a few dishes sit in the sink or the beds don’t get made, while you go for a walk or sit and chill for a while?

Really? Does it matter?

You’re not a workhorse and you need some time for you. 

Think about that while you ponder the roses.

Big hug!

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