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Take Time To Relax and Enjoy the Health Benefits

When was the last time you did absolutely nothing? 

I’m not talking about watching TV, at the same time as checking your phone, or pretending to ‘chill’ or relax, I’m talking about actually stopping and doing nothing.

If your answer is – “never,” or “I can’t remember,” then I’m feeling rather concerned for you.

I’m not trying to be a drama queen but this life that we now live is so far removed from our grandparents and even parents, that we can find ourselves totally overwhelmed.

And that overwhelm can happen in a split second of time – with or without your permission.

It’s really important to just ‘be’ these days, to switch off the TV and the phone and practise some ‘you’ time.

The benefits to your health are multiple and hopefully you won’t find yourself yelling at your family or loved ones – and hearing that high pitched voice thinking “Is that my voice…?”

And, just as importantly, you won’t take all your pent up frustration, anger and sadness out on your fellow work colleagues.

All it takes is you putting you first. 

You know, we win no medals being all things to all people, in fact we can end up alienating those we love and respect. It only takes a moment in time to ruin a working relationship. And, I get you, it’s tough to take time out for you – honestly, I do understand how tough life has become when it comes to just relaxing. 

There’s so much to be done and looking around the house or office, you can be forgiven for seeing your role as impossible. And here’s this woman, Tess, suggesting that you take some time off! Huh! What does she know?

Actually, I hear you – I do. I know what it’s like to stretch your patience to that snapping point.

I remember my older brother getting a smack on the bum when we were kids and my Mum said her patience was at breaking point. Cheeky little oik said, with a smile on his face – “I hope it doesn’t snap!” It’s funny now, thinking back on it, but having reached that point I have every sympathy for my Mum who was not only struggling to make ends meet but also working part time and raising a family. 

The truth is, it’s a tough gig for most of us women, whichever way you look at it! Regardless of what lifestyle we’re living, or what country we live in, we all have our pressures and trials in our lives – especially if menopause has arrived.

Then the pressure points can reach that all important critical place.

So…BEFORE you reach that point, prepare an escape plan. It will stand you in good stead for ‘those days’ when nothing goes right. Think about what your ‘mini-holiday’ will be and then, listen to your internal voice when you know you’re going to step over that mark and say something you really will probably regret later on.

Determine beforehand, your escape route. Even if it means picking up your things and going home or picking up the car keys and driving somewhere quiet where you can catch your breath.

If no-one’s told you lately – you’re doing an awesome job. You’re likely to be doing far more than you should, but in today’s economy our staff numbers are shrinking and work ethic is changing as different generations are stepping up to the plate.

But, just remember this, you’re more than your roles in life and you’re more than your job – listen to your needs and realise that your health and your wellbeing are all wrapped up in what you do for others. 

And, sometimes, the person who needs you the most is you.

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