Menopause Can Cause Some Very Annoying and Debilitating Symptoms...

This would have to be one of the most annoying symptoms of menopause as it sets us apart from men in a very real way – especially in a business setting. Learning how to control those hot flushes and what actually makes them worse is a critical thing to know.

It’s just not fair that we have to contend with weight gain as well as everything else. You might be surprised to learn how easy it is to drop those excess pounds naturally. It’s all about the foods we eat during menopause and the combination of those foods as well. You may even be able to go back to enjoying treats again.

Suffering with aches and pains is a sure sign that your diet is not where it needs to be. We can tend to slack off exercise as a way to avoid those hot flushes but gentle exercise and a simple diet is the way to reduce aches and pains.

I don’t think there’s any other type of tiredness like menopause tiredness. That exhaustion that comes from lack of sleep and, when we finally do get to sleep, it’s disjointed and not deep. Taking some time to discover why our sleep is poor is very worthwhile.

This can make or break your menopause experience – learning how to cope with those emotional outbursts that can colour our whole existence. We can only say ‘sorry’ so many times before those in our lives avoid or drop us out of their circle.

The dark moods that can often accompany our years of menopause can put a huge strain on your relationships. Depression has the ability to reach into every aspect of our lives. It’s the lack of control during menopause that can greatly affect our outlook.

Stuck On The Menopause Medi-Go-Round

We can spend precious time and energy looking for a solution to our health during menopause. The truth is we need to look to ourselves first and then decide who we want on our health team. 

Learning how to manage your menopause can sound overwhelming – but let me ask you a question… where would you rather be? Sitting in a waiting room, like I was for years, paying a fortune to hear that there was nothing that could be done, apart from products containing more synthetic chemicals.

Or…sent onto yet another person to try to figure out what I needed. I’m sure you have experienced this as well – we all do as women, because we have the belief instilled in us that someone else knows our body better than we do.

What if I told you that the best person to manage your menopause, and your health, is you?

It took years of me searching for answers from everyone else, when I had the answers all along. And…without making false promises here…I think you do too.

You see, as women we have an innate sense of what we need. The trouble is we ignore those senses most of the time, because we have been taught that others have the real knowledge.

It’s very simple really – quality food, filtered water and re-training our perception. The tough part comes in doing it all on our own. It’s hard to navigate this time in our lives on our own – even if we have a wonderful family support. Because no-one knows what we’re going through. That’s why it’s important to be with others of like mind. To cheer each other on, as we learn vital information that will help us manage menopause naturally.

Go From Dreaded Menopausal Symptoms To Regaining Your Energy Naturally...

Ready To Manage Your Menopause...?

If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place.

I created Better Menopause Club for you. A place where you can find information, treatment for hot flushes, training for better bladder control and so much more.

Better Menopause Club is for you if you…

  • Want to learn how to reduce the frequency and intensity of those hot flushes
  • Need to understand why these symptoms are occurring and what is needed to reduce and lessen their impact on your lifestyle.
  • Want to develop a good hydration habit. Learn just how important this is in everyone’s life.
  • Enjoy nutritious and natural food once again – I even give some favourite family recipes away as well.
  • Want to utilise my online courses for effective results and learn how to swap out your pantry and away from processed foods and synthetic chemicals.
  • Want to have some fun.

What's Inside...

Selection of Online Courses
Created for you, sharing rich and rewarding changes that are fairly simple to implement but with life changing results making your journey more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Bladder Control
Creator of Dry Swan Bladder Trainer exercise, Tess Hansel has turned urge incontinence on its head. Combined with her own styled pelvic floor exercise which uses gravity in reverse for truly amazing results.

Join Tess on a creating your “good” habits workshop. It’s easier to create a new good habit than try to change a “bad” one.
In The Kitchen

In The Kitchen
A selection of ‘In The Kitchen’ events with Tess as she shows you how to ‘swap out’ some nasty ingredients that influence the regularity and intensity of those dreaded hot flushes..

Take Five
Cooking up some family favourites that you too can enjoy. Made from all natural and/or organic ingredients that taste like grandma’s. These recipes are included in the video for you to enjoy as well. Just don’t tell grandma!

Online Store Front
Choose from a selection of well priced craft, kitchen, hobby, scrap booking and household items available in our store.


Tess Hansel

“In 2012 my life changed when I suffered a severe hemiplegic migraine. One minute, busy as ever in a high stress job, the next collapsed and fighting for my life. As I lay in hospital listening to the doctor say I had experienced a mini-stroke, it became very apparent that I had pushed myself too far. After several episodes of migraine I finally took time out to learn how to manage my menopause. I took back the responsibility for my own health and learnt how to enjoy a balanced life again.

As a project manager, I put my life on a spreadsheet and researched everything menopause and am now sharing my years of research in Better Menopause Club.

Big Hug…Tess”

Download Your Free Report: Hydration and Menopause

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Now you can have control over your bladder

There’s nothing like regaining control over your bladder! It opens up your world again and think how awesome it would be to give that gift to all the women in the world – especially those who have suffered this condition for years, believing there was nothing they could do to fix it. Exercise and diet really goes a long way to sorting out this very annoying problem.

Dry Swan exercise distracts your brain signal from activating your bladder, giving you time to get to the bathroom. It takes away the ‘urge to go now’ and gives you back control to go when you want to and not be dictated to by your bladder. The more you practice your Dry Swan Exercise the stronger your bladder control can become, with the added benefit of building upper body strength.


Better Menopause Club is here to make your life better. 

Its purpose is to provide a sanctuary for women in menopause. A place where they can go and find information, get out of their heads and symptoms for a while. As many women struggle to do that during menopause. Focusing too much on their problems. So the purpose of the Club is to enable women to manage their menopause.

It’s some breathing space for you, where you can spend time and learn useful information. It’s also a place to get away from things for a while, a port in the storm at times. 

There is a simple truth about menopause…and it is this…

If you don’t manage your own menopause, someone else will.

Get A Head Start On Your Menopause Journey

In menopause, doing too much for too many for too long can be a typical way of life for a lot of women. This lifestyle can cause serious health issues and threaten relationships. Learning how you can manage your menopause through adjusting your priorities can be a life-changing decision. Creating good habits like hydrating well and opting out of processed food for a more natural diet, can bring the joy back into your life.

In Managing Menopause you learn to identify foods, drinks and other lifestyle choices you are making, that may be causing poor health. Then you can fairly quickly and simply swap those foods and drinks for a healthier alternative.

Included in the book are templates for a Hydration Diary as well as handy swap lists where you can list those products you currently use and explore alternatives.


Special  Introductory Offer: $3 AUD